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Letter to the editor: America lost

I was just wondering if all of you who voted for the current President really understood what his motto of “change” was really all about. I have also noticed in town that some of you who voted for him have now removed the stickers on your cars ” I wonder why?

Maybe because the fact that the “Big Brother” of the 1960s has finally arrived. For example, do you know we are now owned by China?

Thanks to the stimulus bill, the freedoms of the first amendment are being voted on in Congress to stop free speech through a new hate speech bill, which states that we can no longer speak out against pedophilia, or what about our military boys who give the liberals the right to vote and talk so foul about our country, they now are being tauted as domestic terrorists because they protected our country?

This is your idea of change? John Lennon penned “Imagine” and what do you know, it’s here.

Europe failed. England failed. Socialism and communism don’t work. Canada knows it, why don’t we?

I have an undying hope that you and I will do the right thing.

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