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Letter to the editor: Any president who serves loves his country

I would like to respond to a recent column written by Mike Thornton (Bush Was the Best President, published in the Sierra Sun on Feb. 27, 2009). I would like to advise Mr. Thornton of a few facts.

First of all, everyone has right to their own opinion, and if his opinion is in line with 20% plus of the American people who thought the former President was the best President or even did a good job, that is his prerogative.

I’m going to get into politics here, but I want Mr. Thornton to know this. I am a retired military man (1951-1971) who served in two wars, Korean and Viet Nam. I didn’t always agree with what the leaders of our country said or ordered us to do, but I did what I was asked because I loved my country and felt the leaders were smarter than me. They were elected by the majority.

I say this to let Mr. Thornton know I take issue with something he wrote in his column. Referring to our new President he stated, “We have a leader who doesn’t love this country, but wants it to fail.” I am hopeful most readers consider this statement to be borderline stupidity. A statement I would expect from Rush Limbaugh, but not from someone who lives in Tahoe City. Apparently the millions of people who voted for our new President did not feel the way Mr. Thornton does. Thank God for that.

One part of the column I am still really confused about states: “For all those liberals who will call me a racist, all I can say is, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the country.'” This statement is troubling to me for several reasons. Until this part, I didn’t hear anything about racism at all. But when this was interjected he is saying that anyone who thinks he is racist should get out of the country. But maybe he’s the one who should get out of the country if he feels so negatively about our President.

I fought for this country which includes people like Mr. Thornton. I didn’t always agree with the policies of our former President and his administration but I would never say he or any President didn’t love this country and somehow wanted it to fail.

If the column printed in the Sierra Sun on Feb. 27 were Mr. Thornton’s exact words, then I would hope he might re-evaluate his comments and himself as an American citizen.

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