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Letter to the Editor: Appalled at reckless actions over weekend near Boca

I am writing to appeal to all concerned residents of our beautiful town of Truckee to keep their eyes open for reckless and uncaring people, who apparently don’t quite get the real danger of potential wildfires during this time of drought.

This Sunday, as my husband and I were driving out to Boca for some kayaking, we witnessed three carloads of young men leaving the Tahoe Forest church tent area at the stop sign “Y” in Hirshdale.

We watched in disbelief as the “boy” in the first car reached out his window and dropped a very large, heavily smoldering smoke bomb onto the road and drove off. At first, we thought his car was just dispelling an unbelievable amount of exhaust, but as he drove off we realized what he really did.

We had to make a split second decision to either chase this car and get the license number or get out and extinguish the device. We chose the latter for obvious reasons, but I still am fuming from the complete disregard this young man has for our town.

This device was about a foot from a strip of very dry grass, which connects to the large hillside that sweeps up to the meadows, and into the Glenshire subdivision. Had that bomb created the one spark needed to start a wildfire up here, there could easily have been many lives and homes endangered and/or lost.

Before you pull such a thoughtless and felonious act again, you might want to seriously consider whether you want to spend your days of youth in a jail cell, rather than in this paradise we call home — which you apparently do not even remotely appreciate.

Kathleen Jensen


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