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Letter to the Editor: Arrogance among politicians

So many of the political aspirants from the Reno area continue to litter our area with their unsightly signs placed on Washoe County and Nevada Department of Transportation rights of way (most likely without permission).

In case some of the aspirants didn’t read the results — most of you are losers in more way than one, and signs should be gone. When I called the Registrar of Voters, I was informed that I needed to call each violator and ask if they would kindly get their butts up to our pristine area and haul their unsightly trash from the area.

I then asked the person at the Registrar’s Office if Nancy Parent, the current Registrar, would inform Ms. Parent to remove her sign. That person indicated that since she is one of the finalists for Registrar, that the sign would remain.

For 4-plus months? Not a chance. I feel that we, the non-elite, must comply with Washoe County ordinances. Why are you special?

Tom Bruno

Incline Village