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Letter to the Editor: Better trails in Truckee are good business

As a business owner in Truckee, I support Measure R’s sales tax increase because the investment will return to the total community, including the business community, so much more than it will cost.

For me it is about the way the world works. It is easy for people to argue against any taxes, much less new ones. But that may not be as smart as it feels.

It should be about making good investments as a community. The right investment creates more than individually keeping a “quarter of a penny” in each of our own pockets.

Measure R is about what we all gain. It is a small investment with a large return for both the quality of life and economy for our community.

With Measure R, I see a return on the investment that is worth it for all of us — $10 million in trails becomes jobs in the local community, and $10 million in trails creates an impact on the Truckee economy that includes the money raised being spent, and re-spent, over and over locally.

Truckee will attract more visitors, and cause second homeowners to want to spend more time here. These guests will spend money here rather than San Jose, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or San Francisco. Money spent in our stores and businesses not in the Bay Area, on the East Coast, or even Europe.

Oh, and by the way, the California cities mentioned have sales tax rates higher than Truckee’s will be, in fact the state average sales tax will remain higher than Truckee’s.

The most important benefit is for our Families, creating ever greater opportunities to experience and live healthy outdoor focused lives in our magical part of the Sierra Nevada. It is just a very smart investment.

Charlie Riley