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Letter to the Editor: Bruce Simonian did no wrong

I read with interest two letters in the March 13 edition about IVGID Trustee Bruce Simonian and the recent selection of IVGID’s new general manager.

I have a long history in management, having owned and managed a company with more employees than IGVID. I have hired perhaps 2,000 people over the years, many with responsibilities and compensation similar to our general manager.

From my experience, I believe Bruce represented the community very well in the selection process. I say that having no horse in this race other than wanting good governance for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Frank Wright’s letter was a vitriolic and personal attack on Bruce for what was clearly a board decision. Frank expresses outrage at (allegedly) being slandered by Bruce, and then spends 15 column inches slandering Bruce.

I don’t believe that Frank’s concerns come from any deeply felt desire for good government, but rather from his long-standing and petty dispute over beach access and his recently announced intention to run in this year’s election. He has sued the district more times than I can remember and in each case his suits were dismissed by the court. This isn’t good governance; it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and a distraction from real issues.

Margaret Martini claims that Bruce, knowing that Mr. Severance did not have the requisite college degree, failed in his duty to disclose that to the other board members. I have three issues with this assertion. First, she cannot possibly know what the trustees discussed outside of a public meeting, or what they did or did not know when they cast their votes.

Second, the firm hired to screen candidates has publicly stated that they were aware of this; thus, it was no secret. Finally, each board member has an obligation to determine the candidates’ qualifications from their personal review of the applications, resumes and interviews. As such, Bruce had no obligation to influence the other trustees’ and in fact had an obligation to let the others reach their own conclusions.

Mark Smith

Incline Village

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