Letter to the Editor: By shop local, do you mean shop Aspen? | SierraSun.com

Letter to the Editor: By shop local, do you mean shop Aspen?

Frank Casella

The recent poll in the Sierra Sun states that less than 5 percent of Truckee locals will shop here in town. Not surprising. Prices in Truckee are too high. Period.

Benjamin Franklin’s saying, and#8220;A penny saved is a penny earned,and#8221; is very appropriate for Truckee. You can go 20 miles down the road and save 50 cents a gallon for gas for starters. Then go to Reno and save up to 70 percent on groceries and goods. We regularly save and earn $500 a month by shopping out of town. Thanks Ben. Now why would hard working families want to support Truckee businesses that don’t even try to compete?

We would love to shop in Truckee but the hard reality is is that we can’t. Truckee stated in this paper in 1996 that it wanted to be the next Aspen. Well, you almost have it.

And with it you have chased out the working class that pays most of the taxes and does most of the spending.

We are almost afraid to open the paper and see that the electric and water rates are going up yet again or the town has approved a new costly program or that another bond measure is needed for some luxury item for our Aspen-like town. It’s almost like we have Congress here.

And to top it off, the Chamber of Commerce is trying to start a welfare program for local businesses. and#8220;Please spend $50 at three Truckee businesses.and#8221;

Wake up! It’s called the free market system. We’ll keep shopping in Reno until prices around here become reasonable. Truckee businesses have to realize that they can not survive on just rich tourists and seasonal homeowners. They need the common man too. The hard-working blue collar families that are the backbone of this country.