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Letter to the editor: Children, marijuana a bad combination

Thanks to Caroline Ford for her excellent opinion piece about dangers of marijuana to the youth in our community.

I have been active as well in the effort to limit the impact of marijuana legalization on our youth. I submitted opinions to the cannabis site at the town of Truckee webpage, and I do plan to go to the town council meeting on June 27, which emphasizes health risks.

I echo the need for all of us, regardless of stand on the new laws, to help prevent our youth from suffering the damaging effects that pot use can bring. The research is young, but there is no doubt significant risks exist to the growing brain.

I add the concern that pregnant mothers use has increased, and we already know there are effects on the newborn. It may be years before we know the full impact, but that is no reason not to protect our kids. I agree the Colorado experience is telling. Medically, emergency room visits for kids related to marijuana have quadrupled in Colorado since legalization. The addition of stronger THC content, synthetics, and attractive edibles all are very concerning.

This drug is very available. We are not in need of highly visible and attractive dispensaries.

Chris Arth