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Letter to the editor: Clark misses the mark on global warming issue

Mr. Clark’s column that pointed out holes in the global warming theory may have a hole or two of its own.

He was very detailed about what evidence is in a court of law and pointed out the hyperbole of Al Gore’s statement. However, his inference that previous accords never became accords because no developed nation would commit economic suicide seems to me to be a bit of hyperbole.

Many developed nations are well into replacing coal with newer “clean” technologies and even in this country, The growth of employment in clean energy appears to eclipse the most optimistic predictions of the number of jobs that opening closed coal mines in this country could generate.

Global warming is not the only issue that people refuse to believe because of holes in the theory. Many people still cling to the belief that creationism explains the origins of the earth. Tobacco companies still have people, who will deny any correlation between tobacco use and any health issues. And, some people even don’t believe in God because of lack of evidence.

In the case of global warming and atheism, if a person is wrong the outcome would be catastrophic.

Even if man has no role in climate change, I don’t see why we would spoil our planet for the sake of short-term profits at the expense of long term consequences.

Richard Haslag