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Letter to the editor: Colors of a scorched-earth policy

Bob Jamison

A $4 million dollar slight of hand by the local school district and everywhere we look we see Pink. Teachers set out on the curb like recyclables. There are never enough blue bags when you need them.

These are extraordinary times. A greater emphasis is put on global warming, building green and keeping dirt out of the lake than the future of the only things that really matter ” our children and our community. People make the difference here. It is not an easy place to survive in. Survival here takes commitment, passion and spirit. Qualities embodied by the majority of teachers given their walking papers. Their sacrifices are many and contributions unmatched.

Where is the representation for the children? Where are their voices? There always seems to be a gag order from a higher being on children, when they should be not only asked but heard regarding their future.

Those in charge have thrown out family, values, friendship, commitment, fairness and community. Why not the children? If we look hard enough we can find enough blue bags for them also.