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Letter to the Editor: Comparing Obamacare and Nazi Germany

I’ll describe a country, you guess which one it is.

This country is a democracy. The political parties bicker amongst themselves — typical politics. But this bickering has turned to bitter polarization, and one party has begun to dominate in influencing the media to only disseminate one viewpoint favorable to their goals.

With this power over the minds of the voting public, the dominating party takes more liberties, using its governmental powers to collect data on the public and intimidate the opposition.

By this method, more power is slowly gained, packing the legislating bodies with their own kind. Soon the party becomes so powerful that even its illegal and unconstitutional actions are proclaimed to be successes using liberal manipulation of the data and control over the data collectors.

Sound familiar?

This is a description of Germany in 1933. The Reichstag President Hermann Goering, a close associate of Adolf Hitler, allowed for a manipulation of voting by having the new Nazi party intimate all opposition and passed the “Enabling Act” making it illegal for anyone to oppose the Nazis. The rest of the history you know.

Do you think that the US is immune to such majority rule tyrannical actions? Think for a moment about the IRS, NSA and other intimidation techniques now being used with a largely complacent media?

With the Supreme Court’s manipulation of the Obamacare decision, making it a “taxation” and forcing every citizen to purchase or be fined, do you not see the correlation?

Remember, Rome fell. So did the Holy Roman Empire, Greece and the empires of Portugal, Spain and France. If the uniqueness of the Constitution of the United States is not maintained in defining our liberties, the US will indeed no longer be exceptional.

What are we handing down to our children and grandchildren? A country destined for the scrap heap of history, or a city upon a hill beaconing the way toward liberty for the world to follow?

Your vote matters. Choose wisely.

Jeff Ridgel


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