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Letter to the Editor: Concerned with doctors who support Tahoe Forest CEO

I was raised to honor and respect doctors. When I was little, the doctor came to my home with some vile medicine, and soon I felt better. I believed doctors sat on the right hand of God and they didn’t even have to die first.

As I have grown older, I still have a lot of respect for most doctors. I have learned, however, that they are human just like everyone else and have failings and shortcomings just like the rest of us. I am disturbed to learn that for some medical people, it is just a job like any other. Some want to make a profit just like everyone else, and sometimes will get themselves into to questionable situations. I forgive them for this.

What I cannot forgive are doctors who, for whatever reason, support the administration of a publicly owned nonprofit hospital where the focus is on profit and building an empire and not on the community that it serves.

I cannot forgive those who would consistently support a board of directors that appears to be complicit in questionable ethics and then try to justify their behavior. I am concerned that 21 doctors would sign an open letter supporting the administration.

I can only believe it is because they are under contract to the hospital. I would be afraid not to sign. I cannot forgive those who remain silent when hospital staff (the care givers and technicians) is working in a negative environment. This is just wrong no matter how you spin it.

Neither I, nor anyone I know, has any beef about the “quality of care” received at Tahoe Forest Hospital. We have a beef about the costs and the hostile environment care givers are apparently forced to put up with because they fear for their jobs if they speak out about questionable ethics and practices of the administration.

Unless the community elects a new board of directors with no current connection to the hospital in November, there will be no chance for change. It will be the “same old” board and administrative behavior.

Lynne Larson | Truckee

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