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Letter to the Editor: Concerned with Spohr’s comments for hospital district

EDITOR’S NOTE: Upon fact checking this letter, the Sun asked Tahoe Forest Cancer Center Medical Director Dr. Larry Heifetz how many patients have been treated. He said, “we have seen 2,103 patients since starting the cancer program in 2006.” That number is of June 2014.

As a family that needed and greatly benefited from our extraordinary Tahoe Forest Hospital cancer center, I am terribly dismayed by the ill-advised position Dr. Mark Spohr takes in the July 10, 2014, Moonshine Ink article, “Transformation | Tahoe Forest Hospital Report.”

I find it curious the newspaper didn’t find it appropriate to inquire with the doctors at the cancer center to see if Mr. Spohr’s assertions have any validity or are simply campaign rhetoric.

Here is my take:

1. The cancer center is not “problematic.” It was created because a public opinion poll taken prior to the Measure C bond issue demanded it.

2. More than 2,100 families (not just cancer patients) have been treated here. If you consider that “low volume,” I consider your opinion shameful.

3. No one needing our hospital is turned away for lack of means. What “outrageous overcharges,” and compared to what?

4. You say it provides “little value to the community.” I say the life of my son is more than little value.

We are no longer that tiny rural community some would have us believe we are. There is no reason we should go back to being treated as a liniment-and-splint society instead of having the first-class medicine our hospital now provides.

And by extension, I must quest the judgment of Greg Jellinek and John Falk, who’ve tied themselves to Dr. Spohr as a slate for the Tahoe Forest Hospital board election.

I’ve had a chance to speak with candidate Dr. Charles Zipkin. Here’s an independent thinker/intellect who recognizes the true value of what we have

And he’s not beholden to anyone but the community. Talk to him; you might learn something.

Ernie Grossman