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Letter to the Editor: Disgusted at bias on Squaw project

And from the Moon, the proposed Squaw Valley development is a microscopic speck. So what’s your point? The front page article in the Aug. 29 edition of the Sierra Sun is the most outrageous PR spin I’ve ever seen to sway local opinion about the “smaller than it seems” scale of the “upgrade” planned for Squaw.

Scale is defined as a distinctive relative size, extent or degree. Relative to what? The planet? The solar system? The universe? No! Scale in the Tahoe Basin is relevant to people, natural resources, buildings and limited space — in the Tahoe Basin.

I have long ceased to be surprised by the biased reporting of our local newspapers regarding all the recently proposed development. I have discussed repeatedly the unfairness of our local public meetings in these very same newspapers. I have long marveled at the constant deluge of front page articles stating that most people approve of all the recent development.

The blatant spin and distortion of facts is way over the top. Is there any lower level these big resort developers will stoop to? Of course and I can’t wait to see their next spin. This is becoming downright entertaining even while insulting my intelligence.

There is a big difference between “Public/Private Partnerships” and “Public/Corporate Partnerships,” regardless of what our Supreme Court said in “Citizens United.” Please tell that to TRPA and our local governments (and some nonprofits) that support these corporations who use our taxpayers, our organic communities and our natural resources to reap huge profits while mostly providing minimum wage jobs.

Jacqui S. Grandfield

Carnelian Bay

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