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Letter to the Editor: Don’t succumb to pier pressure

Jonelle Bright
South Lake Tahoe

When you are on Lake Tahoe, what do you prefer when you look at the shoreline: a beautiful, undeveloped sandy or rocky beach, perhaps backed by green forest, or brief glimpses of a beach viewed in between piers and buoys?

I for one prefer to see Tahoe’s precious shoreline. As a member of the public, who owns Lake Tahoe, I prefer to enjoy my right to walk and recreate along her shore.

But in both cases, there are already far too many parts of the lake where piers, buoys and other structures get in the way. Unfortunately, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency just voted to make matters worse – more piers, more buoys, and more boats.

I thought Lake Tahoe was owned by the public? Homeowners can not build a deck or shed on adjacent public land (such as Forest Service land), so how can private owners build private structures on Lake Tahoe?

I have also noticed that most pictures of Lake Tahoe portrayed in magazine ads and even agency publications do not have piers or buoys in them. Why is this? Maybe it’s because Lake Tahoe is a unique, one of a kind, special place (that is not over-developed like other lakes) and I for one would like to see it stay the way it is portrayed in the pictures: Beautiful.

I encourage readers to speak up and tell TRPA which type of shoreline you prefer: That natural, scenic undeveloped beach or that cluttered view marred by piers, buoys and boats?