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Letter to the Editor: Everyone, even riffraff, should have access to Tahoe

To Editor Kevin MacMillan:

I am so proud of you for bringing this issue to light in your Opinion piece, “Know thy neighbor…” in the Wednesday, May 7, Sierra Sun. Apparently, we have our own Donald Sterlings right here in Incline Village and the North Shore.

I just had to respond to these elitist, bigoted residents. Isn’t it sad they have to share our beautiful lake with riffraff and trailer trash. We all know who they are talking about when they mention the surrounding community. The people who want to use the beaches also scrub their toilets, make their beds and mow their lawns, but are not welcome to go to their so-called restricted beaches. Shame on them.

They have houses that could house a small country, cars and boats that cost more than these people make in a five years. Shame on them. As far as I am concerned, there shouldn’t be restricted beaches; that lake should belong to all of us. We should all be able to go to the beach, and as long as we respect the lake, behave and clean up after our selves, it should not matter the social and economic status or if we have a few tattoos.

When I was a kid, we lived in trailers because that was all we could afford, and they were close to my father’s work. They were bone-chilling cold in the winter and furnace-hot in the summer, but we were thankful to God for shelter.

I just want to tell those folks in Incline Village that we were never riffraff or trash. I think the attitudes and prejudice of some of the citizens of Incline Village may be why Christ said it would be harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Donna Caravelli

Tahoe City

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