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Letter to the Editor: Gangsters and lowlifes live in Incline, too

I was perversely excited to read the “Know thy neighbor…” article in the May 7 Opinion section of the Sierra Sun.

I should be angry, even offended. But I can’t help it.

Actual Incline Village residents are perpetuating the thoughts and attitudes of people all around the lake — thoughts and attitudes most of us “riffraff” and “trailer trash” know to be a misconception.

After all, a few Solis, Zufelts and Wolkens do not make up the town of Incline Village.

But take note everyone — if you are from the surrounding communities of Incline Village looking to buy or sell real estate in Incline, Realtor Soli apparently thinks you may be a drug dealer or a gangster. He also doesn’t want you on his beaches near his children.

I am dumbfounded that someone who is in real estate for a living would actually put such pathetic comments on record. Thank goodness for the overly abundant amount of Realtor choices in the town of Incline.

News flash, sir: Drug dealers and gangsters already live in Incline Village and, gasp, they have access to your beaches.

All of the comments quoted in the column imply that having a certain zip code makes you who you are. So today for example, I’m a lowlife, riffraff, gangster, but luckily, I can be redeemed. Woohoo!

No thanks.

To be fair, the crass sentiments expressed by these people don’t reflect the beliefs of my friends and family who live in Incline Village; in fact, they are probably mortified by them.

So it should not be an “us vs. them” thing. These “open to the public” letters are the comments of the sad few, and only the few. And as sad as they are, God made the people who penned them.

God also made the lowlifes, trailer trash, riffraff, drug dealers and gangsters. Those from out of town, and, in Incline Village.

Cris Hennessey

Proudly of Kings Beach