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Letter to the Editor: Global warming reporting is biased

Many thanks to Bob Sendall for his thoughtful comments on climate change (and#8220;Stop global and#8216;warn’ing,and#8221; Sierra Sun, July 22).

Mr. Sendall joins the thousands of respected scientists worldwide who have taken a skeptical view of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Many readers may not be aware of these dissenting views, given the news media’s nearly total blackout of views contradicting that of make believe scientist and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.

Yes, that is the same Al Gore who Bloomberg.com reported has personally netted more than $100 million for his efforts to save the planet. Nice work Al.

A few hours of research on your computer will reveal the statements of hundreds of prominent scientists, many working in the fields of chemistry, physics and atmospheric sciences and all opposing for scientific reasons, the and#8220;Cap and Tradeand#8221; legislative disaster now circulating thru congress.

Many websites objectively explore the global warming topic. You had better educate yourself as best you can because that’s your future the government is about to sacrifice based on junk science. Congress is debating the enormous cost of cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Instead, it should question the need for any CO2 cuts at all. Last week I watched a woman on TV declare we need to pass the global warming bill because she knows, and#8220;It was a lot colder when I was a little girl.and#8221;

Such is the quality of thinking currently driving our public policy. Make no mistake, hundreds of thousands of people are now earning their livings in the Global Warming industry.

Governments around the world are planning to collect trillions in carbon taxes, and you can bet state and local governments are salivating for their cut of the loot.

These new taxes will be coming right out of your pocket, directly or indirectly. If you need a corporate villain, look no farther than General Electric.

GE has tirelessly promoted the climate scare thru its media outlets; NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, all the while standing to earn trillions of dollars if and#8220;Cap and Tradeand#8221; passes.

Who do you thing is going to be manufacturing all that clean energy hardware? Did GE employee Brian Williams mention that on the evening news?

How often did we use the word and#8220;trillionsand#8221; before the Obama Presidency? When the Obama Inflation hits in a year or so, we will be using and#8220;tens of trillionsand#8221;. After we take our country back, prosecutions for the leading global warming profiteers should be given serious consideration.

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