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Letter to the Editor: Goodbye, little Truckee

I couldn’t believe my ears at a recent Truckee Planning Commission meeting when commission members declared that we should simply build and they will come — meaning construct more buildings and rezone more properties regardless of the actual demand.

This is not just insulting to members of the community, but is representative of a new development philosophy which has moved into our town and wants to build everywhere they can.

Truckee is a small, quiet town of around 16,000 inhabitants, where people can enjoy mountain sports and the natural beauty that the area offers. However, the Truckee Planning Commission wants to change all that.

In Editor Kevin MacMillan’s opinion article in the Sierra Sun on Nov. 19, it was stated that there are five major construction projects planned in our area. In addition, there are the Railyard Project (eight-screen movie theater, grocery store), Truckee Springs development (hotel), Pollard Station at Hilltop and current downtown construction.

In addition, the Planned Community called PC-1 (Coldstream) and Planned Community PC-3 (Joerger Ranch Rezoning) will destroy the natural beauty of our town and neighborhoods to make room for new industry, large and small businesses, large grocery stores, shopping malls, theaters and other retailers.

It’s time for the Planning Commission to stop, take a deep breath and reconsider if the town can afford all these projects and developers moving in, taking over and destroying our small town charm.

Doing all these projects at the same time is a bad idea for Truckee at a time where economic certainty is questionable and natural resources like water are limited. Has anyone thought about water supply and demand for all these new developments in the middle of a drought?

We live in and come to Truckee to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and get away from the big city and all its problems, noise pollution and traffic. Please don’t turn Truckee into another urban sprawl.

Scott Bennett


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