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Letter to the Editor: Graffiti on Shirley Canyon trail a disgrace

I grew up in Squaw Valley and recently returned for a couple of wonderful reunions. Shirley Canyon holds a special place for me — our summer playground as kids and the final resting place of my parents, Vickie and Pete. When I do return to the mountain, I always make a pilgrimage to Shirley Lake. Although slower now than in my youth, it remains an exuberant and spiritual experience, a place to free my mind and push my body.

But this time was different. My experience was ruined by the presence of blue spray paint that some thoughtless knucklehead has painted on the granite every few feet from the trail head to the lake! Are you kidding me!? What kind of idiot would deface the natural beauty of this special place — any natural place for that matter?

This trail is so well traveled that it would take an idiot to lose their way. Is the journey and adventure in life no longer the point? Are kids to expect that traveling the painted trail is a part o f the wilderness experience? That plastic bottles and Kleenex and candy wrappers can serve the same purpose? Have we gone numb?

Clearly this inconsiderate fool (or fools) has not heard of the time honored tradition of marking a trail with cairns! Oh but that’s right — this effort would required finding, lifting and placing stones! What has been done to this beautiful trail is truly a disgrace, and I’m appealing to anyone to get a bunch of folks together and remove the paint.

I bet the ski area would even sponsor the effort, and I’d help find a sponsor. Come on — let’s restore the trail to it’s natural beauty. Comments? Bring ‘em on: peter@teamiog.com.

Peter Johnson

Portland, Ore.