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Letter to the Editor: Greater exclusivity at Incline Village?

After reading James Sepulveda’s Guest Column two weeks ago listing his complaints about the horrid experience he and his family suffered while attending the Fourth of July fireworks in Incline Village, I found it interesting in the context of recent complainers lamenting that they didn’t want “lowlifes” from other places ruining their community.

Apparently, the new restrictions on exclusivity for Fourth of July beach access were implemented because in the past, the community’s beaches have been over-crowded and burdened with riffraff, losers and undesirables.

Thank goodness the pot heads, drunks and other undesirables were within the beach property this year. They were branded with arm bands provided by the IVGID stafd, ID’ing identified them as “the chosen.”

Thank goodness they were kept away from the fine citizens of Kings Beach and from other less desirable points around the lake.

When one’s elitist attitude fosters the mindset that your village is so wonderful, when in reality it exhibits the same problems as every other community outside your glass house — and oftentimes even worse — one needs a reality check and accept the fact that Incline Village is just like the rest of the world.

That is except for the fact many of its part-time residents are in total denial, and they have somehow developed a bigoted view toward outsiders. What is really odd is the village folk have not a clue that those attending the fireworks every year are mostly “outsiders” (guests of residents).

I’m a local resident and find the “lowlifes” much more desirable than the arrogant, pompous, God’s-chosen residents who continue to think they — rather than the rest of us — are something “special.”

I have an optimistic view of the world’s population — that “everyone is special” and should be treated with respect. I live in Crystal Bay, so I am not blinded by the “I’m better than you mentality.”

If I wanted to feel like that, I would have purchased in Incline Village.

Frank Wright

Crystal Bay

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