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Letter to the Editor: Happy with planned improvements at Northstar

Regarding Ellie Waller’s My Turn column on Northstar’s Forest Flyer, “Forest Flyer must be part of Northstar master plan”:

I’m simply amazed that someone from outside Northstar is so concerned with having another form of recreation at Northstar. The proposal has caused some concern among the residents, but I think it’s up to those of us who live at Northstar to work it out.

Northstar is all about recreation. There is nothing particularly natural about downhill skiing. It is all about excitement. But the best part of the opinion piece was at the end, concerning “our national forests.” It isn’t your national forest. It is privately owned land.

I may never ride the Forest Flyer, but I’d like to have the option. If it doesn’t bother me, I will just ignore it among the many lifts, skiers, mountain bikers, hikers who are there every day. Northstar handled 30,000 people in two days for the Tough Mudder two weeks ago, and most residents were not bothered. Did you even know that was happening over in Tahoe Vista?

Northstar is trying to become an all-year resort. Summer attractions will be added. As a 28-year Northstar resident, I’m happy to see the improvements. I’d like a new parking garage, but I suppose the NIMBYs would object to that too, even if it is in my yard and not theirs.

Stuart Feigin