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Letter to the editor: How far is too far for students to commute?

Renee Koijane

This letter is in response to a comment I read by Mr. Jennings in the Sierra Sun regarding a 55-minute bus ride taken by Tahoe Donner subdivision students, with Jennings contending that 55-minute bus rides are within the realm of reason.

My question is, how many miles do these students actually live from the school which they are attending? I suspect there are only about 10 miles at most, and that the bus happens to be making many rounds picking up children. The point is, those parents and those students likely live reasonably close to their school.

I live in Homewood. If my children, or my neighbor’s children, have to attend Alder Creek Middle School, the trip is 25 miles one way. Those children are of course too young to drive. Let’s suppose my child needs to come home from school sick one day.

That means I, a working parent in Homewood, will be forced to drive 50 miles to pick my child up from school. That does not seem reasonable so that my child may attend an average public school.

My child’s time is precious. Think of the productive, beneficial time I could be offering my child over the course of nearly two hours each day.

So again, I ask: How many miles away from their school do the Tahoe Donner children you were referencing actually live?