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Letter to the Editor: Humans not smarter than average bear

This letter is in response to Bill Divine about the bears. 

When a local sheriff’s sergeant can’t keep a bear out of his home, the sheep will follow and the bears are doomed. Bears are relentless when trying to get into my Dumpster. But, I find out how they got in and fix it. It’s not that hard and I don’t just give up.

For scaring a bear you must not be in its exit route; most likely the direction it came in. Try a BB gun. It gives them a good sting. Waving large black trash bags at them makes you look bigger and the plastic noise gets them confused. Pots and pans, blow horns, pepper spray, stronger windows, block access to that window, or board it up till they move on. 

What’s the big deal that the BEAR League is in California? Bears don’t know boarders. So, now your alternative is to call NDOW to take care of one bear. I feel bad for the next one. You live in the woods; there will be a next one. If peoples’ choice is to call NDOW to relieve their frustration because they aren’t smarter then the average bear, then our bears are doomed. Yogi naturally likes picnic baskets and if they’re easy to get, they go for it. 

California already has an extinct bear on its flag. Someday it will also be the black bear, if we don’t get bear smart and stop bear dumping, similar to hospital patient dropping. I have a real problem in understanding why we can’t co-exist. There has not been one death by a bear in Nevada. Bears are not the vicious, aggressive, mindless monsters as people think ,,, by our actions, we are.

Aaron Lade

Incline Village

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