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Letter to the Editor: Improving Kings Beach with better housing

Theresa May Duggan
North Shore

There is a very exciting housing project happening in Kings Beach that I want to make sure your readers know about. It’s called the Kings Beach Housing NOW project and its goal is to take down 20 substandard cabins and buildings in Kings Beach and replace them with five eco-friendly, community home sites for our local workforce.

There will be a total of 77 units distributed between the five sites in Kings Beach.

Each site includes a play area for kids and all are within short walking distance to bus stops, schools, the Boys and Girls Club, and businesses.

Not only am I excited about the quality of living these homes will provide for people who live and work in our community, I think it’s a great start toward improving the over-all look of our community.

Most of the homes in Kings Beach were built before 1960, and many are substandard and in need of repairs. And, back then there was no consideration of lake clarity issues. The homes in Kings Beach, in their current dilapidated state, have no storm water management systems and are major contributors to sediment run off into the lake.

The Kings Beach Housing NOW project will provide 100 percent storm water retention and reduce more than seven tons of sediment from going into the lake each year. This is a great start to updating our built environment and addressing Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity. We have a long way to go cleaning up Kings Beach, but I am delighted that we’re making a great start with the Kings Beach Housing NOW project. Join me in support of this exciting opportunity for our community.

To learn more about the Kings Beach Housing NOW program, please attend the community open house on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at Kings Beach Elementary School, 5:30-7:30 pm. Refreshments will be served and any questions may be addressed. See you there!