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Letter to the Editor: Incline Village, stand up for yourself

We all care about the cleanliness of this town, but there are a few bad apples, and one of your neighbors is trying to make you pay for it.

The Facebook page “Lake Tahoe Wall of Shame” consistently takes photos of shared Dumpsters at your businesses and residences and posts them online whenever trash sits outside your Dumpster. Their readers then threaten to boycott your businesses, send you nasty emails, call you, and make derogatory comments about you — not the apathetic tourist who left a bag of trash out, but you.

If you share a Dumpster with another business, and this other business fails to lock the Dumpster after you put your trash in there, and a bear then pulls out your trash, this website will name your business without hesitation. Read the comments about your businesses and residences on the Facebook page.

If you lock your Dumpster and some partying tourist leaves a bag of trash outside it, this website will “shame” your business without giving it a second thought. Like we’re all supposed to police every single irresponsible person in this town.

Recently, according to images posted on the wall of shame’s page, an administrator of that page was apparently caught on a security camera “setting up” a dumpster on Southwood. Someone left a bag of trash outside the dumpster, but this administrator opened the gates of the enclosure and the dumpster lid wide open, then took a photo to post online and show how irresponsible everyone who uses that Dumpster is.

This is a complete misrepresentation of what happened and can result in damage to your business. The person apparently altered the scene for his own benefit; the photos are there to prove it.

This needs to stop. We’re a community and need to support each other, not try to put each other out of business.

John Peltier

Incline Village

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