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Letter to the editor: Is Boulder Bay development part of TRPA mission?

Mike Fillmore
Crystal Bay, Nev.

Editorial note: This letter was initially sent to each member of the TRPA Governing Board.


I am a homeowner in Crystal Bay and I have been following the proposed Boulder Bay development project at Crystal Bay and TRPA involvement. I went to your website to learn more about your organization and responsibilities. I’ve copied pertinent information from your site below.

I find it very difficult to reconcile your support for this speculative venture of highly concentrated people, traffic, lodging and commercial activity with the stated mission, values and goals of TRPA. In fact, it is very hard to believe your organization with ultimate responsibility for Lake Tahoe’s environment has taken a supporting position for any enterprise associated with “time sharing.”

This is probably the most impersonal and detached form of ownership in existence. To anticipate that anyone involved, developers or eventual owners, will take a genuine interest in the environment and act on behalf of the lake is ridiculous. That’s why we have you guys.

From my own experience, I know sometimes we lose sight of our original objectives in the details, conflicts, evolving policy and pressures of administering a complex program with many competing interests. But, I am certain you are trying to do the right thing.

Otherwise, you would never have been selected to participate in such an important task. So, I ask that before your next meeting on this subject, that each of you take a few minutes and review and reflect on the information below, and the trust that has been placed with you. Then, please ask yourself:

“Am I fulfilling my responsibility as a member of the TRPA Governing Board in supporting the Boulder Bay project?”

If so, please proceed. If not, please listen and act according to your conscience.

Thank you very much.