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Letter to the Editor: IVGID board shouldn’t be coerced with trash ordinance vote

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter to the editor also was submitted to the IVGID Board of Trustees on Monday.

I hear from you, the Board, a call to become leaders in the waste disposal problems Incline faces because we live in bear country. What a great idea — one whose time has truly come.

Then I read the proposals that are being considered. What a grand disconnect from both leadership and reality. 

It is time to recognize that “containerizing” waste will not reduce the number of bears on the mountain. Not every home or condo in Incline provides bears with the opportunity for a garbage dive.

Many people are able to handle their waste and deliver it at the appropriate place and time for curb-side pickup without ever encountering or “feeding” bears. Real leadership might determine the percentage of homes that fall into this category and address that reality in any scheme to “mitigate human/bear conflict.”

Real leadership does not solve its perceived problems by forcing everyone in the community to spend money (that they may not have) on a problem only belonging to a portion of the community. Neither does it try to coerce companies (like Waste Management) to spend large sums of money on the whole community to solve a problem belonging to a portion of the community.

And making the purchase of an item (which leadership coerces the whole community to buy) available on the installment plan is not leadership; it is just encouraging poor financial management. If you don’t have the money, spreading the cost over months or years does not make the money magically appear. 

So hoorah for leadership — responsible, thoughtful leadership that works to understand real problems and puts them in their proper perspective; leadership that does not shoot from the hip or rely on information that is carefully selected to support someone’s current agenda.

Yes, hoorah for leadership that is not afraid to challenge the simplistic “one size fits all” mentality and is willing to act responsibly in spite of special interest pressure.

Stefan Cummings

Incline Village

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