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Letter to the Editor: Kings Beach point made

Meera Beser
Tahoe Vista

I want to thank Kurt Wegener for doing such a fine job of putting forth our issues of concern regarding the three-lane alternative in the Kings Beach commercial core. We have never wavered from the issues, and as you stated, we are seriously concerned about the massive traffic jams, which also includes the inability of emergency vehicles to get through Kings Beach.-

We are concerned about the safety of the children in the backstreets as well as pedestrian safety on the highway. In short, our concerns as you so correctly stated are air quality, traffic, noise and public safety. I consider these as important to the quality of life for residents and tourists to the North Lake Tahoe area.

Kings Beach does need funding, but spending $50 million on a giant traffic jam will not improve our economy in any foreseeable fashion.

As for going to Davis to find an attorney, I’m sure you understand the concept of “conflict of interest” as such we needed an environmental attorney who wasn’t afraid of Placer County, but was close enough to understand the issues at hand, and be interested in seeing justice done in terms of protecting Lake Tahoe.