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Letter to the Editor: Kings Beach’s opportunity is knocking

Bill Johnson
Tahoe and Pyramid Lakes

After reading the article from Jim Galloway, we are forced to write this rebuttal to explain the difference between and#8220;factsand#8221; and and#8220;fear-mongeringand#8221;.

Former Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz, in fact, did not represent the constituents of Kings Beach. The fact is, he lost the election in Kings Beach by a landslide because of his opposition to the proposed project.

Also, Kranz was removed from the TRPA Board meeting by his fellow supervisors because he would not represent the wishes of his constituents. Wouldn’t it be nice if more politicians listened to their constituents as the current Board of Supervisors does?

Now we clearly see that the voters, the vast majority of the main street property owners, Placer County Planning Commission, TRPA Advisory Planning Council, and Placer County Board of Supervisors are unanimous in their project support. These groups all value and desire the three-lane project because of environmental benefits for lake clarity, increased safety, economic revitalization, health benefits, walkable communities, superior design encouraging slower speeds accommodating traffic volumes.

According to the renown experts in traffic engineering, revitalization, walkable and sustainable communities, who came and analyzed Kings Beach over the last 13 years and the countless number of public meetings and forums, the hybrid alternative is superior.

The National Cooperative Highway Research Program states that a Coon Street with roundabouts will see a 64 percent reduction of injuries. A roundabout on Bear St. will reduce crashes by 39.8 percent and injuries by 80.3 percent. We are very concerned about safety and emergency response. These are two of the reasons the citizens and friends of Kings Beach and Placer County have been working on this for 13 years (20 years for a few of us).

From a simple economic standpoint, $50 million in construction will lead to countless additional millions in local economic activity. July always brings the worst traffic of the year and the highest sales of goods and services. This is the same in any business district anywhere in the world. Business owners are always saying and#8220;Gee, I wish I had more traffic in my storeand#8221;. That traffic has to move slowly and safely through town in order to be able to stop comfortably and shop.

Towns all over the United States are recognizing that and#8220;conventionaland#8221; designs from the 1950s through the 1990s are not effective and require renovation. After all, it’s that and#8220;conventional thinkingand#8221; that has caused so many of the messes we now are cleaning up.

It’s time to learn from past mistakes and improve the future of our community.