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Letter to the Editor: Learn from mistakes

James L. Campbell
Former Truckee resident
Canby, Ore.

This morning I was watching the news reports and it showed protesters being arrested and beaten by the police. They were protesting the outcome of the vote against same sex marriage. While I was watching as one protester was being beaten in the head with a nightstick, I overheard someone close to me say, “Just shoot them.”

Immediately I thought that it should be the responsibility of our society to protect them as well as to protect us from them.-

In order to protect them completely would it not be a good idea to have them wear some identifying insignia on their clothing as well as their homes and businesses?-

It could even be suggested that they be rounded up and relocated to confinement areas where they could further be protected by armed guards. We could do this by transport with trains and busses.-

Also to help us during this period of difficult economic times, their property and their houses could be reassigned to those who are dispossessed. We would assure them that they would be provided with adequate clothing, food, lodging, and be given gainful activity to benefit society.

These people should actually appreciate these measures, as it would allow them an opportunity to be in a community setting with their own kind as well as protecting our good families from their immoral influence. Oh, wait hasn’t this all been tried before with a devastating outcome?-

Maybe it’s time we learn from our mistakes. –