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Letter to the editor: Local stimulus starts here

Mark Osberg
Kings Beach

As a local business owner it concerns me that our local economy is not being fully supported by local residents. The national concern that Americans are loosing their jobs is visible here in North Lake Tahoe. I would be glad to hire legal, American workers for my company. The fact is the number of Americans that have applied to my company for work is minimal. Almost non-existent.

And at the same time I witness many possibly illegal workers lining the street next to a local convenience store waiting for work. And local people hiring them. Noted by the license plates of the cars they pull up in.

Are these people on the street here legally? Are the homeowners that hire them protected from liability from an injured worker that is injured on their property? No.

And who is it that is providing work to this group of workers? Residents of North Tahoe.

All the while legal workers, insured workers are here and available for the same work. Taxpaying people that are here legally are eager to earn a living by working hard and are covered by insurance that does protect homeowners from liability.

Where is the support for local business people trying to make a living? Where is the local support for businesses that hire legal workers that pay all state and federal taxes?

The federal government doesn’t have all the answers for us North Tahoe residents. We have to create the answers.

How can each of us create a local stimulus package? By patronizing local businesses that employ verifiably legal, taxpaying workers.

Employing workers that may not be legally eligible to work in the U.S. continues to undermine the American worker.

We can be part of the recovery. It starts here, locally.