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Letter to the Editor: March Against Monsanto follow-up

The worldwide March Against Monsanto occurred on May 24. We had a nice turn-out in Tahoe City and passed out over 400 pamphlets sharing the disturbing details of GMO food.

On May 30, a final vote was held in the California Senate on SB1381 which would have required accurate food labeling if the product contained Genetically Modified Organisms as part of it’s make-up. It failed. Not one Republican voted to have our food labeled, including our representative, Ted Gaines.

Again and again, studies after studies are showing the negative consequences of many GMO foods. They are mandated by the law of the land to be labeled or outright banned in over 70 countries. The lists of allergies, health consequences including numerous cancers, increased incidences of autism and obesity has grown each and every year since these genetically modified foods began hitting the supermarket back in the early 90s.

Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association spent over $50 million in 2012 to defeat Proposition 37, which would have required food labeling in California.

Without beating this issue to death, I have only one question each and every consumer needs to ask him or herself: “If these GMO foods are safe and healthy as their producers are telling us … why are they spending so much money to defeat labeling?”

It’s a simple question. Go with your gut, because that’s where “their” GMO food will continue to locate itself unless we as a people demand labeling. The materials in the mattresses we sleep on are required by the federal government to be labeled. Why not our food? Feeling manipulated yet? Get more information at marchagainstmonsanto.com.

Doug Bratt