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Letter to the Editor: McClintock votes against health care bill

David Antonucci

My family and I are very disappointed to learn that our congressional representative Tom McClintock cast a and#8220;noand#8221; vote in the House against the health care reform bill. His vote is against the bipartisan majority that set their differences aside to do what is best for the nation.

My family has been denied health insurance because of preexisting conditions and has been denied payment for essential medical tests in the name of corporate medicine for profit. We have been gouged by a corporate hospital in Utah that took advantage of an emergency to charge outrageous fees far in excess of the usual and customary rates because we were outsiders.

After nearly a century of debate and failed attempts at reform, it is time that health insurance companies and corporate medical providers put the patient first. We have had enough of profiteering on the pain and suffering of those denied medical care or unable to secure affordable health insurance.

When McClintock votes against health care reform, he hurts not just my family, but also all of us. He needs to cut loose his ties to his corporate overlords and act on behalf of the people.

He has one more chance to prove his loyalty to all of us by voting and#8220;yesand#8221; when the final House vote comes back to the floor of Congress. We urge him support secure and stable health coverage, include those who do not have coverage, and to lower medical costs for families and businesses.