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Letter to the Editor: Not much to report from hospital meeting

I just read the Sierra Sun’s coverage of the Aug. 21 Tahoe Forest Health District board meeting. I am disturbed that you reported the “findings” of the board’s internal investigation as being “independent” and only reported “insufficient evidence,” not a very definitive finding.

This is parroting the board’s presentation, which took no questions from the public. The report by the investigator is confidential, so no one outside the board’s circle can even assess the report’s findings.

Getting a legal opinion is certainly a reasonable thing to do for the CEO and Board. However, how could this “investigation” be independent when the lawyer for the CEO hired the investigator?

This “investigation” was self-serving and not transparent. A number of citizens had suggested to the board to use a third party, outside entity with no ties to TFHD so that people could at least feel that there was no internal agenda and taxpayers could at least see some transparency.

Unfortunately, the board appeared to do exactly what one person stated at a previous board meeting, as the board “had the fox count the chickens.”

The issues at TFHD are complex and there are differences of opinion, so the public needs to educate itself about the issues. To report a summarized findings of a potentially biased investigator only misleads the public.

Until an outside investigation is actually performed, one cannot consider a secret, internal report that cannot be assessed by the public to close the book on the situation.

The TFHD board received one legal opinion, and that is all that can be said about the board meeting.

Dr. Peter Forni