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Letter to the Editor: Online Google surveys are annoying

I just had the unhappy experience of clicking on an article in the online version of the Sierra Sun (now Tahoe Daily Tribune), only to find myself shaken down to provide an “opinion” on a random topic of no interest to me in order to be permitted to read the article.

Of all the ways you could have come up with to try to increase your revenues, I have to say, this is one of the most annoying. And it pops up on every article. I think, “What is the purpose of deliberately annoying the entirety of your readership?” I suppose the answer is “We want more money, and advertisers will give it to us if we alienate our readers, so let’s do it!”

The most pathetic thing is that anyone would think these “surveys” would actually provide any useful data. Does anyone out there really think people will bother to put the correct answer down in response to a forced marketing survey? Are you all that naive?

I know you want to make money, but the result of this new attempt will be to make me stop reading your articles online. It’s bad enough that you publish an ever-increasing number of fluff pieces and paid advertisements cloaked as “articles” in lieu of news and reporting. Now you add this strong-arm method of obtaining advertising revenue.

So, from now on, or until you get rid of this annoying addition, Moonshine Ink, here I come, exclusively.

Judy Zachariasen


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