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Letter to the Editor: Ordinance 7 changes threaten our property values

I urge IVGID to revisit its approval of sweeping revisions to Ordinance 7.

On April 9, during IVGID public comment, I asked the board to delay implementation of this harmful revision. As adopted, Ordinance 7 threatens our property values and the amenities that make our community a desirable place to live.

I rely on elected officials to represent those who elect them and seek consensus whenever possible, without being chided about failure to regularly attend board meetings.

Thus, I was chagrined by both the defensiveness of the board and the tone of some of the community members who spoke. Name-calling, cutting remarks about board actions and abusive remarks about alleged motivations of staff diminish the civility that ought to be central to public dialogue.

However, the IVGID board could have avoided much of the heat by instituting better communication before considering changes to policies that the board knows are near and dear to the hearts of those who live here.

The board adopted at least two important changes: deleting the family tree requirement, and allowing parcel holders to authorize an unlimited number of picture passes, coupled with essentially making such passes permanent, with no expiration date.

In today’s society, chosen families come in many shapes and sizes. The family tree, or consanguinity (blood relation), requirement seems to have caused confusion and even grief for our neighbors who have domestic partners or stepchildren, or large or blended families.

Instead of allowing parcel owners to authorize picture passes to anyone, an alternative could be to develop a more flexible definition of family that could be used with ease for those who issue the picture cards, with an appeal method for exceptions.

Allowing parcel owners an unlimited number of permanent identification passes, albeit for a fee of $10,000, is problematic. A developer or investor could purchase a property in Incline Village and then buy an unlimited number of permanent passes for residents in other jurisdictions within or outside the basin.

Judith M. Simon

Incline Village