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Letter to the editor: Paved meadows was wrong move

Shame on the Tahoe Conservancy & Tahoe City PUD for destroying one of the last natural wooded trails, meadows, creeks, and scenery by putting in the two new parking lots and the bike trail from the top of Dollar Hill to Fulton Acres, which goes nowhere and ends in an old established neighborhood, with no further access to anywhere.

This area was used by mountain bikers and hikers seeking the freedom from the tourist onslaught of Tahoe’s summer season. Only money talked on this addition. You sold out!

The woods are a mess, the bike trail is too big, and once again no one listens to those who live here it seems. They paved meadows, over seasonal creeks and cut a total new path! It’s a shame!

I thought the conservancy was designed to protect what is left in natural areas in the Tahoe Basin, not pave it. Sold at any price, and I’ll bet most involved had never used that area or know what has been lost.

L.W. Scott

Carnelian Bay