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Letter to the Editor: Paved trails provide safe alternatives

There are so many things I just love about our Truckee community. Most notably as a runner and a mother, I have to say I really love the paved trails that are available.

They provide a safe place to take a child to learn how to ride a bike, jog with a jogger stroller without the fear of cars, and maybe even whip out those old outdated roller blades to get one’s blood pumping.

But, I have often found myself over the years wishing there were more paved trails, or that existing ones were longer — especially the Legacy Trail.

How great would it be for that trail to finally reach Glenshire and possibly extend all the way to Donner Lake?

Boy, would I really have a perfect, safe, and wonderful place to do my tempo runs, where I could include my 5 and a half year-old on her bike for motivation (which I need!) and not worry about cars. We could go for many miles.

I might just see that dream come true and several others, if our community supports Measure R.

From what I understand from reading all the mailed informational pieces, the newspaper, various community websites and asking questions, every penny from Measure R stays in Truckee.

The money supports the completion of the Legacy Trail, provides safe routes for children to walk to school (I like that!) and maintains our current trails and more.

Please take a moment to get informed, ask questions and vote.

Margaret Skillicorn