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Letter to the Editor: Political parties are ‘bass-ackwards’

How is it that the far left, ostensibly looking out for the “working stiff,” is focused on a culture of ever-increasing spending and government intrusion?

Higher government spending clearly drives up the need for higher taxes of all kinds — sales, property, income, gas, etc.

These higher taxes, and ever bigger bureaucracy, clearly increase the financial and daily life burden on that same “working stiff.”

Specifically, the working “middle class” is withering under the weight of government overload. It just doesn’t add up.

How can the Democratic Party, now taken over by the “progressive” extreme, still maintain that they represent the interests of the “common man” in America? Thomas Jefferson would be ashamed.

Now then, let’s look to the right. Originally founded on the principles of civil liberties, today’s Republican Party assumes positions that are diametrically opposed to individual liberty; their planks on abortion, sexual preference, diversity in religious beliefs including agnosticism and atheism, are a few examples.

The new “Religious Right” is just as dictatorial as the “Radical Left.” Abraham Lincoln, too, would be ashamed.

From both sides, Americans are being forced to swallow a culture that is fundamentally the antithesis of freedom.

The Progressives are forcing “regressive” policies toward government tyranny — something the founding fathers not only warned us about, but specifically crafted the Bill of Rights in order to avoid.

The “Evangelicals” are demanding an “awakening” of government intervention into the home — also specifically denounced by the founding fathers as a need for due process and the separation between church and state in order to avoid the errors of the Old World.

Both parties, pulled by their polar extremes, have platforms bass-ackwards from their principles. Where is the “Radical Center” demanding liberty and freedom, just like the founding fathers insisted?

Jeff Ridgel


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