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Letter to the Editor: Priorities and expansion of the ski area

I agree with the concept that our community needs something to attract more people. Where I differ is who should be attracted.

At the top of my priority list is education. Specifically the draw would be a world class public school system catering to every segment of our demographics.

Increasing our permanent population is the most viably economic, feasible and productive alternative. Then we can consider other ideas to transform our community such as ski area expansion.

It requires only one governmental agency to deal with, the Washoe County School District, which has been supportive in the past.

The infrastructure is in place. Until we reverse the number of permanent people versus second-home owners/tourists to be 60 percent permanent to 40 percent other, we should spent $4-18 million on an educational system. In the past there have been efforts to take our schools to the next level but have been told “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We are showing signs it will be soon (the decline of Incline High’s grad rate by 9 percent).

It will take the entire community, including IVGID, to achieve what I consider to be the number one priority for Incline Village/Crystal Bay, superior education.

Tom Bruno | Incline Village