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Letter to the Editor: Prop 8 foes’ tables turned?

Bob Sweigert’s opinion piece published Wednesday about the “unacceptable” behavior of those opposed to Prop 8 showed an extreme lack of perspective.

Imagine that your spouse of many years is in critical care in an out-of-state hospital, but you are not allowed any say in the ensuing medical decisions, or the same visitation rights as a spouse.

Imagine you are not granted family leave to care for your ill spouse. If your spouse leaves you an inheritance, it is subject to more taxes, and may be challenged in court by disgruntled family.

Your Social Security and pension may not give your spouse survivor benefits if you die. Your job benefits such as health insurance may not be extended to your partner.

The Foes of Prop 8 are fighting for equal rights, just as other groups have had to fight in the past. “Domestic Partnership” status is not enough, there are still many things lacking in this designation, such as all of the issues listed above. It is a “separate but equal” standard. Does that phrase sound familiar? Although I don’t agree with the tactics used by those cited in Mr. Sweigert’s article, the rage is understandable in those gay men and women.

The result of banning gay marriage would negatively affect far more people than the actions taken by the few, justifiably angry, gays cited in his article.

I am sure that the bus boycott in Montgomery negatively affected many a public transport worker, maybe some even lost their jobs. If we apply Mr. Sweigert’s logic, this unfortunate result of the boycott would render the boycotters’ cause of Civil Rights ignoble. His reasoning does not hold, and neither will prop 8. It is unconstitutional and stands against the American ideal that “all men are created equal”.

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