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Letter to the Editor: Propsosition 8 and marriage

Jim Piper

I’ve finally fatigued over this “Marriage” fight. Recently Keith Olbermann said it right during his editorial: What do you care whether or not two folks of the same gender want to marry? How does it harm you?

There really is a very simple solution to the whole difference of opinion: get the government out of the marriage business. Marriage is a state of mind and commitment, made on the existence of love, between two parties. Any definition is what one wants to make of it. The religious right defines it per the Bible. Gays make a broader definition of it.

Because our government is a secular body vs. a theocracy, it would do very well to remove “marriage” as any legal institution. Instead, create “Domestic Partnership,” as an institution defined by a legal contract for certain rights and privileges between two consenting parties who live as domestic partners.

“Domestic Partners” would have the same rights enjoyed by heterosexual “married” partners. Then, any couple who wanted to marry, go ahead and do so, following any rituals of your choosing, whether before a religious minister or a Wiccan priestess. Wants partnership rights and privileges? Go down to the nearest county clerk’s office and register as “Domestic Partners.”

“Divorce” would still work as it does now: One party suing the other with an agreement, or judgment deciding divisions of shared assets.

Don’t think this would work? While Hong Kong was still a Colony of the United Kingdom, couples did exactly as I have described: Got married, and then registered with the government.