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Letter to the Editor: Protect the railroad tunnels

Andy Wertheim
Tahoe City

Truckee has a wonderful historical site that needs to be preserved. The snow sheds used by the transcontinental railroad for so many years (currently out of service) offer a wonderful glimpse into our past.

On a number of occasions over the past few years, I have walked through these tunnels admiring the construction, and thinking of Truckee’s past.

However, on my last walk through the snow sheds, this past Sunday, I found the concrete walls and natural granite walls covered with graffiti. The most annoying, and dangerous, event occurred when a truck came screaming through the tunnel.

Apparently, it is easy to drive through the snow sheds these days. My peaceful walk was interrupted on four occasions with the sounds of cars and trucks rumbling through the tunnels. This is not only annoying, but I think it is dangerous. The tunnels are dark, and in some cases rather narrow. It seems to me that motor vehicles should be banned from this historic site.