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Letter to the Editor: Proud to be a ‘Handful’

In response to last Wednesday’s letter to the editor, I would like to proudly say I am one of those “handfuls” who is trying to do what is right for Tahoe Vista, not what puts more money in the pockets of a few.

Is it mis-information to say the project is 5-feet taller than any of the other buildings in Tahoe Vista? How about the 1.4 parking spaces alloted to each unit, even when they are 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms? How many groups of six (maximum capacity as put forth in the EIR) do you know that ride in one car? Do we really need more cars parking on the street during the busy summer season?

Yes, eveything Max Haynes wrote is true, if you do not follow TRPA’s own rule of one TAU equals one bedroom, not one TAU equals one unit with multipul bedrooms. This is why TRPA is being sued. We have to adress this or else any developer, local or outside, can build as big as they want to with very little say from the community.

Sure this development might bring in some tourist dollars, but for how long? When Tahoe gets over built will tourists want to come to a crowded and congested mountain retreat to “get away from it all”?

If bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels have to follow this one bedroom, one TAU rule, why shouldn’t these developers?

When I walked the streets of Tahoe Vista, including Grey, Toyon, Anderson, Pino, Pino Grande, Snowflake, Sotoyon, Pinenut, Pinedrop, Brassie, Beach and Midiron, I did not have to use any misinformation to gather the almost 300 signatures in protest of this project, as it stands. I just showed them the site map. That speaks for itself.

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