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Letter to the Editor: QUAKE DRILL " Disaster drill took significant work

Tami Prior, RN
The Emergency Management Committee

With reference to your article of Nov. 8, “Deluge of Disaster: Hospital Prepares for Massive Earthquake,” it would be remiss to omit mention of the significant contributions particular individuals made toward Tahoe Forest Hospital’s successful response to the State earthquake exercise.

Your readers will appreciate that the Hospital’s response to such a major calamity is more complex than simply “duck and cover.”

In order for the Hospital to produce a realistic scenario, we needed victims, we needed frantic callers looking for victims, we needed lights and sirens and helicopter blades, and we needed media and people in uniforms walking through our halls.

We asked Victor Hernandez for help and what we received was an outstanding contribution of community service. Mr. Hernandez clearly demonstrated his ability to effectively engage then coordinate agencies and the volunteer victims to overwhelm the hospital.

Additional thanks need to go to Chuck Thomas, Alex Terrazas, Temple Petty, Melinda Maehler, Jim Sturtevant and Margie Hanson for their effort. And, of course, our 60 volunteer victims deserve a very special thank you for such a realistic performance and their valued contribution to this successful exercise.