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Letter to the Editor: Real story is price gouging

Rick Martel

The Sun’s second story in four months about Truckee gas prices fails again to address the real news story for Truckee residents: How is it that each and every gas station in Truckee matches to the penny each other’s price day in and day out, and that same price is almost always 70 cents a gallon more than Roseville or Reno?!

I’ve been watching this 70 cents a gallon price gouging for the past six months with no deviation. Keep in mind that those Roseville/Reno stations are making a profit selling their gas for 70 cents a gallon less.

As an example, since Oct. 31, a Chevron station on Roseville Parkway has been selling regular for $2.29 a gallon.

Some Arco stations are at $2.23. Yet all Truckee stations are fixed at $2.99. The Sun’s Nov. 7 article quotes station owners bemoaning the fact that they are selling 20-50 percent less gas than last year, blaming everything from conservation to the election.

Could it be that Truckee drivers are refusing to pay rip-off prices and are filling up 70 miles to the west or 30 miles to the east in Reno? Then there has always been the excuse that the price premium is due to transporting the gas from the Sacramento area. But 70 cents a gallon more?

And I may be wrong, but doesn’t that cheap Reno gas roll down I-80 from Sacramento past Truckee? Of course, there is the possibility that the oil companies are sticking it to the Truckee stations, believing that anyone needing gas in Truckee is a wealthy tourist with money to burn. In any case, government and law enforcement officials need to investigate and end any gasoline price fixing and gouging.