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Letter to the Editor: Republicans have no courage at all

A Truckee resident recently wrote, comparing our president, Barack Obama, and the Affordable Care Act to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The law was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court with a conservative majority. Before President Obama was elected, both political parties agreed our health care system was unaffordable and needed to be fixed.

Obamacare, as the haters like to call it, was actually a Republican idea, thought up by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative “think tank.” If liberals had their way, we would have a single-payer plan like most of Europe has — not an insurance-based plan.

If you want to compare any president to Hitler and the Nazis, we really need to remember Bush/Cheney. Just as Hitler manufactured the “facts” to invade Poland and start WW2, those Republicans made up the weapons of mass destruction that they said Saddam was about to unleash on the world, to invade Iraq. They also started, government-sponsored, for the first time in American history, torturing prisoners, like the Nazis did to their enemies.

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The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect — few laws are — but President Obama and a Democrat-controlled (at the time) congress had the courage to do something, and many knew they would lose their jobs for it.

Republicans have no courage at all, the only thing they do is vote to repeal the law when they know the senate won’t vote to repeal it, and they try to make the disaster of four Americans being killed in Benghazi compare to 4,000 deaths and over 25,000 injured in the real disaster that is Iraq.

Where is the Republican plan and what is it going to do to help Americans? They don’t have one. Let’s join together and dump our do-nothing Republican congressman. In the next election, vote Democrat.

Scott Haag

Kings Beach


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