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Letter to the Editor: Responding to McClintock’s and#8216;no’ vote

Ken Crawford

Although I’m no fan of Rep. McClintock, I expected to him to vote no. I don’t see how anyone could vote yes on either of the bills being presented in Congress.

The bills complexity and length are long on grand attempts at giving every current special interest in favor a cut of the action.

Special interests who are not currently in favor will be taxed or eliminated.

A proposal requires everyone to have a health care plan or face a financial penalty. I don’t think that will survive a court challenge.

More people will have coverage, but I don’t see a plan to build facilities and educate more healthcare providers.

It doesn’t take much research into the gritty details of these bills to see the and#8220;shotgunand#8221; approach and and#8220;get and#8216;r’ doneand#8221; at any cost mentality in this legislation.

When my representatives say things like: and#8220;We’ve got to move fast,and#8221; that scares the heck out of me.

From bailouts to health care to tax reform, failure to be specific and research the details of proposals in a realistic fashion leads to unintended consequences, which are hard to undo once established.

When elected officials from the uber left and right sit down over a hemlock cocktail, only then do I think it’s possible to begin to address the Nations urgent reforms in a truly bipartisan spirit.

Start from the middle, not the fringe, and and#8220;get it rightand#8221;; not and#8220;get and#8216;r’ done.and#8221;

Until then, I support the and#8220;do no harmand#8221; approach.