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Letter to the Editor: School board needs to hire long-term principals

Unfortunately, the students and parents of Truckee High School once again need to end and enter another school year without having a principal to help outline and schedule a unified program.

On Friday morning, the current principal, Mr. D, contacted all Truckee High families with another of his ubiquitous robo-calls and an email to explain that he, as the last few principals have done, had to resign his position for “personal reasons.”

Apparently, one of those reasons had to do with his son-in-law receiving a residency assignments, and he and his wife needing to follow them. I find it difficult to believe that Mr. D did not know his kids were in doctoral programs and would be moving once they were assigned their residency locations when he took the job as principal last year.

My frustration is not as much with Mr. D or his family, but more with our School Board, who time after time wait until the last minute to hire a principal in Truckee for a new school year apparently without properly vetting them.

It seems to me that given the outrageous sums we pay the vagabonds, we could reasonably expect a commitment longer than one or two years of tenure. Why can’t the School Board demand a 10-year commitment with penalties for early departure? Our kids deserve the chance to have a stable learning environment.

Jim Smith